Expert Services from PLC

PLC, LLC provides service for all resold products, but also goes a step further as integration and process automation specialists that can implement a complete solution whether on-premise or hosted for any size customer.


We are experts in Business and Document Process Automation. Since all logical systems and process require specific procedures in order to get a desired outcome, it makes sense then that it can be automated to some dgree. However, we find that is not the case with most business critical applications.


PLC, LLC can provide one or all of the following services:

    Automation Server integration, deployment and support
    Fax Hardware and Software installation and support
    PBX Hardware and Software installation and support
    Archiving Servers installation and support
    Hosted A/R Automation
    Hosted Fax
    Hosted Paper Invoicing
    Monitoring and Reporting
    Server Maintenance
    Application Training
    Project Management

Contact PLC, LLC for pricing and installation quotes: Contact PLC

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