Need to get the "Cloud"?

Fail over Fax & E-mail Services for DeliveryWare, Esker Fax and VSI-FAX

Never lose another business critical fax or e-mail again! When your modem goes down or your ISP is not delivering that invoice attached to an e-mail, does your business have an alternative plan? PLC, LLC can provide your business with the capabilities to keep cash flow moving in case of telephony or e-mail failures. For as little at $50 per month (in some cases, maybe even less), PLC, LLC will setup a fax and e-mail fail over for your critical business applications.


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Hosted Fax Services for Your Business
Hosted (Cloud) Fax as service from PLC, LLC delivers the flexibility, performance and reliability a company would expect for their critical business applications. There is  no hardware or software to purchase and maintain. Companies benefit from seamless and secure integration with ERP applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP,  Oracle, J.D. Edwards, etc. With real-time fax status and 24x7x365 fax service availability, the cloud is a great choice.


Hosted Accounts Receivable
Integrating directly with invoicing applications, PLC, LLC's AR solutions allow companies to automate the delivery and archiving of electronic and paper invoices. Esker AR is the first SaaS (Software as a Service) solution to offer 100% automation of customer invoice delivery.


Hosted Accounts Payable
PLC, LLC's solutions make paper-free AP a reality with intelligent capture, touchless processing capabilities and electronic workflow. Invoice approval workflow is simplified and consolidated. Organizations can cut operational and administrative AP costs by 40-60%. PLC, LLC's offerings include the first complete Software as a Service (SaaS) solution fully integrated with SAP applications.


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